WP1 Management

D1.1   Project Management Plan


WP2 Definition of key aerosol properties and design of experiments

D2.1 Literature review
D2.2 Design of experiments, laboratory and field tests
D2.3 nPETS Database publically available

WP3 Laboratory measurements

D3.1 Technical report sub 100 nm emissions from exhaust
D3.2 Technical report sub 100 nm emissions from non-exhaust
D3.3 Input to nPETS database from lab- campaigns

WP4 Field (near-source) measurements

D4.1 Input to nPETS database from field- campaigns
D4.2 PNSD characterization from different transport modes in ambient air
D4.3 Fresh vs. aged nanoparticles contribution from different transport modes to ambient air


WP6 Particle characterization and source appointment analyses

D6.1 Optimization of the protocol for measurements
D6.2 Physico-chemical characterization of the samples
D6.3 Size and morphology characterization of the samples
D6.4 Report on source specific toxicological scores

WP7 Impact assessment of new policies and recommendations

D7.1 Report on impact areas, pathways and new policies
D7.2 Report on health impacts and economic valuation of nanoparticle emissions from transport
D7.3 Report on social aspects of nanoparticle policies
D7.4 Recommendations for European and international standards in critical areas

WP9 Ethics requirements

D9.1 NEC – Requirement No. 1
D9.2 HCT – Requirement No. 2