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  • M. Introna, A.T. Juárez-Facio, S.S. Steimer , M.H. Tu, U. Olofsson, H.L. Karlsson, N.V.S. Vallabani, and K. Elihn. Toxicity of real-world road tunnel emissions in an ALI exposure model. TAP conference, Gothenburg, September 25-27, 2023.










  • Ridolfo Sharon., et al. Ultrafine particles monitoring and characterization at airport, harbor, subway and road: the nPETS experimental campaigns in Barcelona. 11th International Aerosol Conference – IAC2022, Athens, Greece, September 2022.


  • Ridolfo Sharon., et al. Physico-chemical characterization and source apportionment of UFP at airport, harbor, subway and road: the nPETS experimental set-up in Barcelona. European Federation of Clean Air and Environmental Protection Associations (EFCA) International Symposium, Brussels, Belgium, July 2022.



  • Ulf Olofsson. Framework of nPETS at the Analytica Conference in Munich on Thursday June 23rd, the topic “Aerosol and Health”. The proposed title of the presentation is: “Ultrafine particles from the transport sector: the nPETS first results from road and rail tunnels”.